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    I am up for donating $40 to whomever can make a patch for the T650 to work Flawlessly with the Acura TL. Im sick of this! I want BT now! Anyone up for it? I will pay immedately. If you live within the OKC area i am willing to let someone borrow my baby to make it work. Anyone else intrested in helping the effort? Lend their TL as a tester. The only patching required will be on the phone so the TL should be fine! Reply if you have any idea!
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    I will see your 40 and raise you 10....

    I will donate 50 dollars to ANYONE ALSO who can write a fix or patch for the T650 to work with the Acura TL flawlessly also.

    Thats so far 90 dollars for someone... this is totally legit, and it is something I really need, and it seems I am not alone....
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    Has anyone tried this update? A user on Edmunds said it worked flawlessly with his TL... I haven't tried it yet (upgrading from a 600) but will soon and would like to know if it works.


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    I will see the 90 and raise 20 total of 200.00 for those not keeping count.

    Just got the Treo 680 and I'm having all kinds of problems with it connecting to the HFL on my 2006 Acura MDX. It will ring once then cut off, or ring once and go to the hand set, the phone set up list is all screwed up and won't let me "clear" it out!!!! They need to fix this!!

    So yes I will pay 200 dollars to anyone who can create the patch!!!!!

    I think I'll call Acura Tech Support

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