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    Whenever I try to install the software on the CD included with the 650, the process halts completely when it is "Removing backup files." I force close the process... The software actually works, but I can't set up VersaMail. It tells me to reinstall the software, which I can't do because it keeps stalling. Even when I try to uninstall the program, it crashes when it gets to 0%....

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?
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    yes, me too, and can't figure it out for the life of me. Only thing I can think is the versamail program on the CD is corrupt
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    had the same problem until I rebooted my pc and killed all the crap running in the try. Messenger, aol, what ever is possible to shut down do it. Then try again. Took me four tries but shutting all the apps off that I could did the trick.
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    I found out what it was... I pulled up the task manager and deleted one of the instances of "idriver.exe". Try it...
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    what is idriver.exe? will something not function if that is removed?
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    It's just something that is used during installation... I had 2 instances of idriver.exe running at the time so I force-ended one of them... And the installation magically completed... I found it here:

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