hope all is well.

i received my t650 today. one word - gorgeous.

i have a 650 to compare it to and it is unbelievably night and day difference. it is also a taaad bit shorter in height as the antenna is a bit shorter.

some nice upgrades
- picture viewer (reads SD cards as well)
- integrated sliding favorites bar
- browser kicks *** with a proxy avg (120 kb) - also - the pages load so nice in the optimzed mode with small text!!!!!
- screen - WOW!!! - beamed over a bunch of pics from 650 unreal!!!
- luckily (so far...) i have tested voice quality people have stated no breakups or statics...have had long convos so far as well

havent tested
-many apps yet (will sync @ work tomrrow)

Question is - is there a way to have my SMS convos from my 600 transferred over to the 650? a friend of mine has a 650 transferred, shows up in logs, but it's not visible in his SMS box. i tried beaming from the file directory but it's a locked file

overall - i am very impressed. i dont experience too much lag either.

the one week report will include:
- versamail with IMAP and POP
- verichat
- DA
- bluetooth pairing
- lag with more apps installed

All in all - i am VERY impressed.

Nice job Palm. Get this mem issue fixed - i believe the 650 warrants an upgrade.