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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    I'm personally boycotting all the music stores until they come up with the following features:

    1. I can get the music in any format I want. This isn't an unreasonable request because the costs with the music are associated with the music creation rights and process itself. Putting music in a specific digital format is essentially free.

    2. I can sell the rights to the music I acquired to some third party. I can do this with CDs now. This should have to change.

    And there's a bonus third one:

    I should be able to bring in any album that I already own and get it in digital form. I've already paid for those rights once. For instance, I should be able to bring in an old vinyl into Tower Records and walk out with a DVD Audio for essentially some small fee of the remastering costs, plus the media costs, plus reasonable service mark-up. Probably about $3-4 at most. I don't think the artist needs to get another share of the pie in that scenario.

    You are never going to use music stores online then. It will never be that way. Notice that nobody is selling mp3's? You are only going to be able to purchase music that can be drm'd. For now that is just a few formats.
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    I use for "legal" MP3s. Hey, it's legal in Russia!
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    If you're not in Russia that doesn't make it legal for you.
    Either way, it's not a very moral thing to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesterink
    Where does the pre-installed RealPlayer look for files? I have some MP3s in a \Music folder in the root of my SD Card, but it won't find them. Is Realplayer expecting a particular location?
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Real$ $player$ $looks$ $in$ $one$ $of$ $these$ $default$ $dir$:


    Also, Bit Torrent is a nice source to music too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primate
    If you're not in Russia that doesn't make it legal for you.
    Either way, it's not a very moral thing to do.
    Huh? It doesn't make it illegal, either.

    If I bought a matryoshka doll in Russia for $1 that would have cost $10 in the states, and I brought it home with me, would that be immoral, too? What's the difference?

    This has been vetted. It's legal:
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    Quote Originally Posted by plong
    It's legal:
    that may be. it is not ethical, however. but that's between you and your conscience.
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