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    it seems as though the GPRS connection in my GSM Treo 600 is acting weird lately.

    the small triangle signal on top of mobile phone signal bar indicating GPRS connection occasionaly disappears especially after connecting my phone.

    why is this a problem? not really, but it really annoys me that when my apps take a long time with its "please wait" dialog before initiating internet connection.

    any thoughts?
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    Turn off wireless then turn back on.

    It happened to me, it action weird. I have to do that every time I connect to GPRS.

    I have no idea why GPRS disappoint. Everytime I have to press "home" then the dialog appear try to connect T-Mobile VPN and T-Mobile VPN.
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    If you are on Cingular, its not just you.
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    i'm with optus GSM in Australia, does this mean the GPRS activation will depend on the carrier?

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