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    For those of you lucky ones who have taken delivery - is the 650 vibrator stronger than the 600? I certainly hope so - I can barely feel my 600 vibrate...
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    Yes, it's stronger and vibrates longer when ringing.
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    set it on the nightstand. go to sleep. get a page.

    it'd wake the dead.
    Paul Theodoropoulos
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    compared to my samsung i500 its definately stronger
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    I also think that it is stronger, although I have done no offical testing.... but how can it not be? The 600 vibrator was about as strong as a fly landing on you.
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    I didn't feel mine in my pocket tonight, but when it is on my desk at work, the office knows I am getting a call from the thing vibrating on my desk.

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    It seems to be stronger to me.

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