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    i have been thinking about getting a case. i have never had one before, but i always drop my phone and mark up the sides. i'm not worried about breaking or damaging it because i have the insurance, but i would like to try and keep it mark free (its so pretty . . .)

    so i really like the sena cases because they are so form fitting and subtle. two questions: do people ever buy these just to have a basic case? i would never carry it around on a clip. and second - will the case keep it from getting marked up when i drop it (the places that are covered).

    and - i really really wish they would offer a case like sena with a place in back for a credit card and sd card. is this too much to ask?
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    i bought two Sena blue cases (1 with a belt clip and 1 without). They are excellent cases but I don't use them because I bought a Covertec belt case I like a little more. If you're interested in buying either of the Sena cases, PM me. Thanks!

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