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    Hi All,

    I have a Treo 650 with Sprint service in Colorado. I live just outside the Sprint service area but I do have digital roaming coverage (presumably Verizon). I am having a problem with my treo where I am able to receive inbound calls while roaming but I am not able to place outbound calls from the same location. When I try to dial, it goes to the 'dialing' screen but reverts back to the main phone screen after a few seconds.

    Sprint has tried to be as helpful as they can, the guy at the store was really nice but he doesn't have any of the test equipment yet for the Treo 650 so he couldn't do any of his own testing.

    Has anybody else tried to make outbound calls while roaming with their 650? I'm trying to figure out if this is a problem with my unit or if it is a larger problem with the 650s in general.


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    sprint needs to do a PRL update. I think that is what it is called. It updates usable towers. You can call Sprint and have them do it over the air.
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    Sadly I already did that, to no avail...
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    Isn't roaming pretty expensive? I remember a few years ago when I was with Sprint, they were charging $1.50 per minute plus some connection charges. I don't know what the rate is nowadays.
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    Not with Free and Clear America. Roaming is part of the regular plan for an extra $5/month as long as less than half of your minutes are off of the Sprint network.
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    Chuckie is right...I just added to my plan last night infact.

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    Well, I called in today to get a replacement unit, and Sprint was very good about putting the request through even though nobody has tested the unit defective (because no stores in the area can test the unit yet). We'll see if the new unit has the same problem or not. Fingers crossed.

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