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    This Versamail conduit on the 650 is new to me, and I don't quite understand the possibilities yet. I see that I can synchronize my Outlook account via Hotsync, and Versamail would also let me sync an email account wirelessly with our Exchange server (IMAP using Mergic VPN...we are using Exchange 2000 without Mobile sync). The question is...can it use BOTH methods for a single Versamail account...meaning could I sync that account with Outlook via Hotsync when I am connected AND sync that same account to the server wirelessly when disconnected?
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    You have to set up one account to synch and another to use IMAP. Versa is not smart enough to combine them. It would be sweet if you could. I am an Ex versa user and spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Palm trying to get it working. The 2 account solution is not the best...but you can synch your inbox and then just set the IMAP account to fetch unread e-mail.
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    That's what I feared. Thanks for confirming it. I was using Snappermail on the T600, and it could not do this either, so no loss there. Versamail is not bad at all :-)

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