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    If you transfer the carrier hack over to your Treo650 ( phone_logo), you loose your ## features and you can't pull up error codes or setup the phone (##112325#) when you call Sprint. I had to install FileZ on the Treo650, delete the Phone_logo file and all is well now.

    just ann FYI..
    I wonder how many Treo650's have been "broken" out of the box due to this?

    I just went round and round with a CSR and we were not able to pull up the MSID via ##112325#, and I thought that might be it, so I hung up and delected the file and now I can access the ##112325# menu.
    So I will now call again...

    Hope this is helpful, Matt
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    Good to note, thank you!
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    I experienced exactly the same thing. _Just_ realized the problem before I sent the phone back for a replacement.
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    Ohhhh well that explains it! Now hopefully someone can rehack this to include this basic functionality...
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    thank you sir!!!!! what a save!!!
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    totally.. I have been trying to run ##377 all day (turns out it was Lightwav that caused the reset, which I suspected). I just moved the PHONE_LOGO file to the SD card and now it works. Whew, thought I was going to have learn new ## codes.. hehe. So, how long before someone coughs up a working file to allows us to see our call durations AND have our codes too?

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