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    I've had my 650 about 4 days now. Since I've had it I've noticed a very slight clicking sound coming from the earpiece whenever I'm talking to someone. Last night, I was charging the phone and playing around with the web browser and email app when all of a sudden the screen backlight turned off. I tried turning the device off and then back on, but the screen would just flash brightly and then the backlight would turn off again. I must have pressed every button/button combo on the device until I finally just hit the home button and the backlight came back on. This happened twice last night. I don't have anything installed on my Treo except for what came on the CD. I had also installed a 1gig Sandisk SD card. Has anyone else experienced anything similar???

    BTW, I'm new to the Treo line. I was playing with the PPC-6601 before the 650 launched but ended up returning it. I found it a little too large and quirky in the phone app. I had been waiting for the 650 and ordered one as soon as it was available to do a comparison against the 6601. Needless to say, the 650 won. I like it so much, I bought one for my girlfriend.

    Anyway, thanks in advance!!!
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    I had strange things happening after I put on the screen protector. The edge was apparently caught on the case and pushing down onto the screen surface. The keyboard wasn't responding, and tweaking the case would cause different things to run, pop up, be selected, etc. Ripped that sucker off, and now everything's okay. (I never used one on my previous Palms, although I probably should have.)

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