Greetings Treonauts,
I'm still using Samsung I-330 love the form factor.
I upgraded using Best Buy's performance plan from the Samsung I-300.
The I-300 was CLEARLY a case of a company releasing/selling their prototype.
the screen quality was excreable and it ultimately lost it's touch sensitivity. and was the reason for the "free" upgrade to the I-330 at Best Buy.
I could live for a long time with the functionality of the Samsung I-330 I even purchased the add on camera accessory on Ebay for $104.00...a very rare item, however it's time to jump on to the Treo ship.
I'm a professional photographer and the idea of having a pocket hi-rez slideshow is appealing, although I wish they made a graffiti only version without a keyboard.
2 Questions:
1) When will Best Buy have the 650 Friday after thanksgiving???
2) My performance plan goes till Feb 2005. Can I go from Samsung smartphone to Treo Smartphone on this plan. That would make the cost of becoming Treotronic only $150 as I have $500.00 in the Samsung.
Very appealing
Thanks in Advance