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    Just got my 650 (ordered from P1), I'm a new Sprint customer. Been on the phone with Sprint for an hour, they really don't know what they're doing. Number P1 says to call is for business customers only. They xfer me to consumer and the guy says I have to call a different number for the rebate credit. The number he gave me is bad. I call back and someone xfers me to the mail in rebate center. I call back a third time and they say the rebate/credit is only available for business customers! I'm on hold now, they can't seem to figure it out. Anyone else run into this? I called the number that it said in the email from PalmOne and the website to active your Treo - 877.789.3969.
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    It's not just for Sprint Business customers. You can walk into any Sprint store and get the rebate. Or if you are lazy, has it scanned -- it's the exact same as the one you'd get in a store.
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    Sprint says P1 has the wrong number on their site!? that they've been swamped with calls ... ugh, still trying to get this figured out.

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