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    I'm coming form the Vx. Best I can tell, the Tasks app on the 650 does not have "show only due items" option. It is on the Palm Desktop, but not the Treo.

    Am I right? Is there a way to accomplish the same thing, without having all my future tasks all showing at the same time? Is there a 3d party app that wil do this for me?
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    Its not under the details button like on the 600?
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    No. You can set a due date under the details button, but the not-yet-due task always shows up in the list of tasks, albeit in the proper order of when due.
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    From page 82 of the manual:

    Customizing Display Options for Your Calendar

    1. Open the menus .

    2. Select Options, and then select Display Options.

    3. Select the Default View pick list and select the view you want to see when you open Calendar.

    4. Select the Agenda box and set any of the following Agenda view options:
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    First, I'm talking about the Tasks, not the Calendar.

    Second, while there is a "Show Due Today" view in tasks, it shows ONLY those that are ACTUALLY due TODAY, i.e., it does not show those that were due, say, yesterday but did not get checked off. Even they're still due.
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    I'm seeing the same problem. It really makes the Tasks list a lot less useful. I want a list that gives me everything that needs my attention today -- that includes things now due as well as things that are overdue.
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    Agreed, I used Tasks all the time set to today and overdue items - now I can't - very frustrating.
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    Does this work correctly on the 600? I know that some changes to the core PIM programs were made on this iteration of the Treo (like including contact pictures in the address book). How about on the T5 or other recent Palm devices?
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    I don't have a 650, but I also don't see how to get this to work in the simulator, which is running v1.2.1 of Tasks.
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    You would think with all the awesome upgrades POne wouldn't have "undone" one of the most useful features. Anyone tried emailing support and requesting a patch for the todo list so we can view just what's due today by category? It's such a simple thing. Drives me crazy. Worked fine on my 600.
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    Agreed. It makes Tasks very difficult to manage. Any options for fixing this? P1 dropped the ball on this, going in reverse in functionality is annoying.
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    I'lll email Palm1 if someone would be so kind as to give me the address.
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    If this is really true (and I have no reason to doubt it, it's unbelievable. Palm is really, really out of touch with the way people really use a PDA. Palm officials keep saying "It's a phone first," but I didn't realize that meant they forgot about the PDA.

    The more I read on this forum about the 650, the more I'm beginning to think the negatives outweigh the benefits. I may just stick with my 600 for another year or so.
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    Unfortunately, the Sprint update didn't fix this problem. Is anyone aware of a thrid-party task program that gets around this bug?

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    Agendus does this beautifully with tasks. It shows current and past due.
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    there's also another downgrade: there is no more float events type in the Calendar app, which was the most used by me: very frustrating.
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    I havent really started using tasks yet, but i was reading through the manual and maybe this is what your looking for

    Page 88 Manual

    Organizing Your Tasks

    In the Tasks list, select one of these options:

    All- displays all your tasks.

    Date- displays tasks that are due in a specific time frame. Select the pick list in the upper-right to select Due Today, Last 7 Days, Next 7 Days, or Past Due.

    Category- displays tasks that are assigned to the selected category. Select the pick list in the upper-right to select a different category.

    Tip: Overdue tasks have an exclamation point (!) next to the due date.

    Page 89 Manual

    Deleting a Task

    1. Select the task you want to delete.
    2. Open the menus .
    3. Select Delete Task on the Record menu.
    4. Select OK.

    Customizing Tasks

    The Preferences dialog box enables you to control the appearance of the Tasks list screen.

    1. In the Tasks list screen, open the menus .

    2. Select Options, and then select Preferences.

    3. Set any of the following preferences:

    Sort by- indicates the order in which your tasks appear in the list.

    Show Completed Items- displays tasks that you
    checked off.

    Record Completion Date- replaces due date with the completion date when you complete
    (check) the task.
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    In addition to what Franko said.....

    This functionality is also in the 650 under the calender. The agenda view will show you only items that are due and past due. Just set your calender to automatically start in Agenda view and there you go. I only use tasks to add new ones, clean up my task list etc. I find the integration with the calender much more logical. Also I should say that I is my fist palm device since the Palm IIIx and I find it a much larger step up in functionality, I couldn't be happier with my Treo 650.
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    As far as I can tell, neither Agendus or the Treo's built-in Tasks program show current and past-due items at the same time.

    Imagine that I have three tasks. Task 1 was due yesterday, but for whatever reason I didn't get it done. Task 2 is due today. Task 3 is due tomorrow.

    What I want is a view that, in a single view, shows both Task 1 and Task 2 (the things I need to get done today), but not Task 3 (which I don't need to worry about until tomorrow).

    I don't see how to do that in either Agendus or the Treo's Task's program. If I'm missing something, I'd be very grateful to be set straight.

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    You're right about the Agenda view showing due tasks -- but it only shows four or five at a time. (I wish my life were that simple!)

    In a way, this makes it all the more frustrating that Palm too the feature out of the Tasks program. The fact that it's in the Agenda view shows that it can be done (not that that was every in question) and that they realize it's something people would use.

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