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    Why don't you try "Big ToDo".

    It just the old school tasks, with priorities up to 10!

    go to palmgear or something.

    Problem solved. Thank me later.
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    > Why don't you try "Big ToDo".

    Thanks, it seems to work on a TX. The latest version (1.0.4) is from 1999, though in a quick look (without, for instance, syncing) I didn't notice anything the sample code version had that Big To Do didn't.
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    using it daily on VZW 650. its no worse than the built in tasks for the treo 600, that probably hadn't been updated since 99 either.
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    Thanks FlaSheridn and eldiablo, I'll try both options. Of course, I think I'll start with Big ToDo first as it sounds much easier. If that doesn't work it's on to Palm Programming 101.
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