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    a brief update about AMR first-
    treo 650 is using the new standard for most phones with extension .amr for ringtones. this would be what you'd convert your .wav or .mp3 ringtones to (they first need to be converted to .wav). the downside, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $is$ $that$ $it$ $has$ $to$ $be$ $in$ $internal$ $memory$. this is where the developers come in. hopefully this is possible as we all know the 650 has insufficient internal memory & any space-saving would be a huge plus.

    the rest of the post is amr conversion links:
    i recommend the first link since u don't have to fill out anything & it seems to be more robust although haven't tried them. it's a GUI for the sony ericcson amr converter. the nokia link requires you to register but is still free.,,034-63,00.html

    the first link-site has a tutorial to get your file ready to convert to amr.
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    the treo has no problems playing wav files directly. (see this thread)

    of course, size is an issue but so far i have tried some cool ones (and posted them - see above) that are 20k and less, so the size is not a huge deal, unless you want your phone to play a whole song when you get a call, which is not what most folks want. the 8-15 second snippets work just fine, and of course mp3's are even more compressed than wav's, especially at lower bit rates, which should be fine for the phone.

    as for memory, i think we will see a 3rd party program such as lightwav or somebody who will handle them from the card, if it's possible to do.
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    cool, thanks for the update. i wasn't sure if wav was covered or not, but i know the wav will sound better then amr, so thanks.
    i have well over 75 mp3 ringtones in lightwav SD card, so memory will probably be an issue. at least it'll force me to be more selective until lightwav comes out with a bug-free manager.

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