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    Are there any plans for a Treo 600 version of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync?
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    I'd like to know this as well. I just got the 600 so probably will not be getting the 650 anytime soon. My IT department says ActiveSync would be the only solution as IMAP4 is not supported in their configuration.
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    A guy from MS, Steve Conn, answered the following question in a recent webcast:

    It is approximately 1 hour 5 minutes into the Webcast at .

    Q: Recently P1 announced their Treo 650 phone will support ActiveSync with Exchange 2003. Is this a standing agreement for all future Palm SmartPhones?

    A: P1's added ActiveSync support at the hardware level with their future smartphone(The 650?). Palm has the option to implement it at a software level. "Since it's done at a hardware level it will likely not be back-portable." It's possible to change but that's the way it looks at this point.
  4. #4 offers software called "Goodlink" that is very competitive to the ActiveSync. Try it out..... This is a up and coming company. A "good" start.
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    yeah I checked the Good Technology website and it looks like the Goodlink software is superior to Activesync.
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    But there's no chance I'll convince my IT group to buy and install this. I just started here and everyone else has Blackberries and they have a Blackberry server running. Oh well, OMA it is for now...
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    yeh great but no good if you only want to support 1 user. I run sbs 2003 at home and I only need 1 or possibly 2 yusers to access active sync which basically means I could buy new phones for the amount that Good charge.

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