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    Anyone out there know where I can download a demo version of Certicom's Movian IPSec VPN Client for Palm OS - Treo 600?

    I'm one step to being able to get corporate Lotus Notes email natively on my Treo. Were using mNotes but I need an IPSec VPN client to create the tunnel. Mergic VPN client will work on the Treo but only supports PPTP protocol. Need IPSec.

    anyone? anyone?
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    Certicom is no longer marketing their IPSec client for Palm or PPC, and as far as I know, the last POS version did not support the 600.
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    thanks Talldog,

    I found this Certicom distributor that will sell the Movian client for Palm OS, but unsure if it will work on my Treo 600. those Bastards.
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    I am desperatyely trying to find a IPSEC solution for my treo 650. Has anyone found something to replace the non existant Movian VPN?
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    I got the following email from Certicom:

    movianVPN will not work on the Treo 600 and as I have been informed, there are no plans for it.

    palmOne will be providing a free 30-day demo with the Treo 650, but again, according to what I have been told it will not work on the 600. You can then go to the palmOne website and purchase a full license as they will have the ability to distribute it.

    With regards to the Treo 600, my suggestion is that you bring up this issue with palmOne. There are many others just like you, using the Treo 600 that have been asking for VPN functionality. I have been suggesting to all of them that they bring it up with palmOne.

    Sorry, I can't be more helpful.

    Kind Regards,

    Wendy Bissonnette
    Inside Sales Manager
    Certicom Corp.

    (t) 613.254.9258
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    So it looks like you have two places to get the Movian IPsec VPN client for your 650:

    1. PalmOne
    2. Orlogix (link above)

    Good luck. I have 650 envy but waiting until Sprint has their EVDO network up and running next year with the Treo. then you can have Treo EVDO envy!
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    How can I get an eval copy of MOVIAN ?
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    #9 <---- They are rebranding movian's ipsec vpn client and selling it. I think you can get a demo copy.
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    I would strongly suggest that you read some of the issues people have had with Movian before purchasing, which by the way is the only way to get a eval available.

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