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    I've gotten used to the way the 600 uses the 5-way to select application in one motion, instead on having to navigate for what I'm looking for. The 600's paradigm is much better for driving without look at the phone. Does anyone agree? Anyone have the skills/desire to make an app which would do this? Thanks.

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    Maybe not the answer you want to hear, but I assume that one can assign apps to favorites/one-touch keys on the T650 like on the T600. Maybe you can take the 10 top apps you use a lot, and assign them to keys. Then just press and hold from the phone screen to launch.
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    I agree with fgallina. Single-action lauching is by far the most intuitive way to use a phone, not this navigation stuff. If only PalmOne gave us the option at least...
    Using the keyboard to "speedlaunch" is not really an option when driving, for example.

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