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    I need some help. This morning I set up the default email client in my Treo 600. Works OK. However, my Treo has slowed down to the point of being unusable. I hit any button and 3 to 5 seconds later the function happens. I have also noticed that my battery is going down at an alarming rate. Looking at my setting I have the account set up as “Manual” checking. Help. Also, the screen stays on after doing anything, when it used to turn off after a few seconds. HELP.
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    I just logged on to TreoCentral to look into battery drain. My 600 is hitting the 'Red' at least twice a day now. And, very often my Treo is dog slow - it appears as if it's not responding to the buttons at all. Usually, though, I can get it to 'wake up' again by popping the SD card in and out.

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    I have been playing around with my Treo and I am still unable to figure out what is wrong with it. One thing I thought I would do would be delete the email account I set up on it. Well, it turns out the my Treo will not let me do this. When I try I am told that I can not delete the account, and I need to set up another account before I can delete the current account. Help. Help. Help.

    What have I done????
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    Soft-reset (pin in the back) and at the same time press and hold 'up' on the 5-way nav button. Release the pin and then the button.

    This will override any apps that start up on a reset.

    If your Treo now operates at normal speed, you probably have a 3rd party app that is causing probs.

    Loaded anything new recently ?
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    i'm having the same problem. i've had mine for months...since august or so.
    i use agendus (separate issue, dialing through that app sucks...i emailed the developer with specific concerns hoping they'll fix tungsten W was a better dialer if you can believe it).

    i was in the dialer...and then i press the calendar nav button (which is still the calendar for me, i.e. i have not switched around the programming of the other nav buttons either) the screen goes blank for 8 - 10 seconds. now more interesting is if i click back on the on the 'phone' nav button the treo purrs for about the same amount of time. it makes a purring sort of noise. initially this noise was a second or so, and now it's 10 seconds or so.

    from 'home' and clicking on the phone button i get the 'purring' as well.
    for about the same amount of time.

    there isn't too much on my treo either. i have a few apps, but all i really use is agendus, the dialer, sometimes the date book and secure memo.

    the purring has gotten progressively worse. first i though i had too many sms messages so i deleted them all to no avail.

    it's a real performance issue i my mind...and it's repeatable and it has gotten progressively worse.

    sure i could do a reset and erase it (which i have done in the past) but that seems extreme and is a huge hassle. it's tough too to use my tungsten w and see how fast it is. not sure if the treo uses a slower processor or not, but it's not really about that. the treo was faster and now it's not.

    any ideas?
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    ok, the soft reset fixed it.
    i could not turn on the wireless service so i had to reset it again.

    any idea how i can tell what app was causing it?
    can i expect it the problem to crop up again?

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