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    This is probably the simplest question anyone has asked here but here goes: I set up a few favorites and assigned quick keys to them. Key "1" was already taken up by VM so I created two faves and used keys "2" and "3" as quick keys. I can't for the life of me get them to dial. If I hold "1", my VM dials fine. Why doesn't this work for keys "2" and "3".

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    bump. seems like an obvious question for an experienced user. maybe not?
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    try assigning to a letter
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    I find that the quickkeys sometimes don't work after I'm on the pnone. but if I leave the phone app and come back to it, then the quick keys work again. It's anoying
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    you must be using KeyCaps600. You will need to decide which feature you value more
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    Yes Keycaps600 interferes with the fav keys working properly. Here is what works for me - I set up keycaps so that a long press results in Uppercase letters, then I always use Uppercase letters to define my favourites. If keycaps is set such that a long press gives you the special character (alt+key) the favourites don't always work!
    Satish Joshi
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    i'm not using keycaps, i've never even heard of it before. so, i guess letters will work, do numbers other than 1 not work? 1 works fine for voicemail.
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    Actually this is quite intriguing - after AdamF's message above, I experiemented a bit. As far as I can tell (a) The quick key can only be a letter not a numeral or a special character (except ofcourse "1" which is hardcoded) (b) Once used for something that Key is booked i.e. you cannot use "V" for one contact and "v" for another and "9" for a third!.
    What that means is one can create only 26 quick keys - so having 50 slots in the Favourites view is meaningless.
    Has anyone created more than 26 quick keys? I would love to learn how.
    Has anyone assigned anything other than a Letter to the quick key?
    Satish Joshi

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