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    I'm really trying to like the voice quality of this phone, but there are several things that are really bothering me about the call integrity. Basically, I've had way too many complaints from callers about the audio from this phone. Since the memory fiasco doesn't matter to me, the sub-par quality of the microphone is really making me mad...assuming the problems are because of the microphone (not software) When it comes to the voice quality of this phone, am growing tired of the following:

    • Being told it sounds like there is "running water" or "wind" in the background while on a call
    • Having callers tell me my voice sounds "digitized" (get this a lot)
    • Having trouble interrupting people (not just on speakerphone, but when holding the Treo up to my ear as well)
    • Having questionable clarity...callers say my voice sounds muffled and distant
    • Constantly trying to turn the volume up on the earpiece because it's hard to hear the other party (especially when driving). The earpiece is not loud at all
    • Bluetooth. Don't get me started on my Bluetrek G2/Treo 650's worthless (tunnel sound, staticy, muffled, you name it)
      See this link....Bluetoof? WTF!

    ***note, the reception, as in holding a call, has been rock solid, so that isn't an issue at all***

    So outside of blowing off steam, the purpose of this thread is to investigate others' sound quality. Yes, there are already threads on this topic, but I wanted to start a fresh one with my bullet points so I can see others' responses to the specific issues I'm having. I have 10 days to return this thing, and possibly wait on a rev. B unit....that is, if a firmware update cannot address these issues. At this point, I may just keep it because I'm absolutely impressed with the rest of the phone, but unfortunately I feel like this device is 90% PDA/gadget and 10% phone. The PDA/gadget functions are incredible (and help with's saved my **** several times already) but the telephony portion really sucks, IMO. Hell, I like the internet/streaming music/camera/sms/ etc. functions so much, I might keep the thing just for those functions.

    But in reality, this is my home/work phone, and if the voice quality stays as bad as it is now, I'll be forced to get something else. I'm tired of repeating myself and practically yelling (when using the BT headset) on each call. It's ridiculous.

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    Actually I had the same complaints about my husband's Treo 600. When he would call me from work I noted every single one of the complaints on your list (minus the bluetooth one). I honestly wondered how he was able to conduct so much business on that phone. I've not spent much time on the Treo 600 portion of this forum so I can't say if it was just my husband's Treo 600 or a Treo-wide problem affecting the whole 6xx line.
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    So nobody else has any issues with the call quality from their 650? I find that incredibly hard to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericshmerick
    So nobody else has any issues with the call quality from their 650? I find that incredibly hard to believe.

    No problems here. Everyone I talk to say I'm loud and clear.
    The 650 speaker however seems like a 600 speaker but with the volume turned up too high.
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    You may have a bad unit Eric
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    You might want to look a the thread below:
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    i have gotten some complains on speakerphone. but the bluetooth... got my jabra and its not so hot. i have wifi in my house and office and it slams the crap out of making it unusable. i am new to bluetooth. is it craptacular all the world around?
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    Just curious, what phone/network are you coming from before going with 650/Sprint?
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    I have found myself roaming at work and at home over the last couple days. This never happened with my 600. It makes me think the reception is worse on the 650. I don't mean to come off like a troll here, I just have numerous problems and tend to be rather demanding when I spend 600-bones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert C. Lee
    Just curious, what phone/network are you coming from before going with 650/Sprint?
    Been with sprint since 1999. Used many a phone, lots of Sanyos, etc. I'm coming from a Toshiba VM4050....and I have to say I really, REALLY miss the crystal clear reception/voice quality of that phone. It's outstanding.

    Shame such an expensive business tool such as the 650 has such marginal quality audio. I can see many executives using this unit, and don't think folks such as Mr. Trump will be happy having to constantly repeat themselves.
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    WOW, just received my T650 and I am with you on the sound quality and the worthless FREE headset. I'm thinking about sending my 650 back and staying with the 600. I am so upset about the "favorites" bottons on the 650. I really liked the ones on the 600. Why did they change something that worked so well. ALSO the time lag is really bad. Now that I am thinking about it, the T650 is going back!
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    Just for the record, the Bluetrek G2 is pretty useless too. Static when I'm right next to the phone, a ***** to get on my ear properly, and what seems like an occasional inability to activate properly. I haven't had much fun with my 650, and yet somehow I'm still not sure I will return it.
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    What the hell has the P1's 650 r and d team been doing the last year? Memory, slowness and now the sound quality? This could get ugly P1.
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    I use the motorolar 820 headset and its performance has been flawless. I heard some people said taht the 810 is even better.
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    Hubby and I just got our hands on the 650 this evening. I'll get back to you on this. Keeping fingers crossed here as it really is a beautiful device.
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    We did a comparison between the Treo 650 and hubby's GSM Blackberry 7100T which I like for its sound quality. The Treo 650 sounded just fine. What we both noticed is that we could hear background sounds on the Blackberry quite clearly but could not on the 650. Hubby said that's due to noise cancellation on CDMA.

    I suppose the GSM Treos could sound different and probably better to some.

    I did notice his voice sounded just a tiny bit muffled as compared to what it sounds like on the Blackberry phone. It was not anything I'd really notice if I did not have another phone to compare it to. I think those who are having problems either got a bad batch or there's some issue with the service in their area.
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    Ooh, update. Husband just called me again, this time from his car phone. The nature of the conversation was a bit different as we were just having a regular conversation and not talking just to test the phone.

    The key difference this time being that at times one of us would start talking to ask a question before the other one would quite finish.

    During this conversation we ran into bullet points 1 through 3 on your list, Eric.

    This time I noticed as I started talking, even if my husband was still talking, he sounded cut off and garbled. If he or I took a turn talking at a stretch the conversation was fine. But for some reason, hard to describe, I noticed we were interrupting each other more often than we normally do, and causing his voice to sound digitized and then cutting in and out as my side of the conversation cut into his.

    Hubby said it sounded like were only half duplexed as on some speaker phones. Maybe a firmware upgrade could address this. He said this happened with the 600, a firmware upgrade was issued to improve call quality. That, I would not know about--I wasn't paying any attention after I went with Hitachi instead.
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    I am having the same problems as all of you. We all agree it is a beautiful phone but if it doesn't work perfectly for a phone then you have to return it. I called my home phone and I sound choppy and not everything comes through. This is a defective phone, and I don't think a new one will fix it. So return yours as I will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmoskowitz
    This is a defective phone, and I don't think a new one will fix it. So return yours as I will.
    Actually I DO think it is worth another shot. Get another unit and see if it is any better.

    I have read many threads about problems which I and others have not been experiencing. In fact in a poll it seems that at least 2/3 of the units are fine.

    I think we are seeing issues of QC not design. Give it one more try. My 650 is terrific. People tell me I sound clear as a bell on it -- better than my land line phones.

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