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    I am writing this on my laptop using my Treo 650 with PdaNet bluetooth enabled. I don't need the patch from Shadowmite (even though huge kudos to him for putting that together!) or Sprintpcs DUN. I also have the option of using a combo hotsync/charger cable to connect if need be. My connection speed seems to be even better than when I used PdaNet with my 600 and a cable. Amazing!

    I have been using PdaNet for the last year on my 600, and this is by far the most advanced version of the application yet. Great job to the folks at June-Fabrics for putting this out sooooo fast!
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    PDANet is amazing. Amazingly simple and amazingly fast with my Treo 650. I wonder how long this trial version will last before i have to pay and download the complete version.... does anybody know?
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    Its great for Windows users , but not for Linux users like me and MacOS X users out there tooo , oh well , I think there are lots of software only for the Windows platform and its not fair , but one the other hand using MacOS and Linux is an advantage
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    I agree that some sort of similar app for Mac OS would be nice, but I just wish I could install the drivers on my PowerBook (like I did for my Motorola v60s) and be up and running without having to install an app on my Treo.

    Since I've switched over to the Treo, I haven't really felt as much of a need to use a tethered phone to my notebook, and the few times that I have I have gone online and switched the ESN of my old v60s back onto my account.

    But since I bought the Treo, I find myself leaving my notebook at home more and more often.

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