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    Ok its 11/26/04.. are any of us going to get our Vienna Channels orders? Maybe P1 is doing all of us(Vienna Channels orders) a favor by fixing the memory issues before sending out our T650's. yea right. I think we will be lucky to see it before 12/25/04.
    I truly feel that we will get our VC orders. Will it be before Christmas? Good question. But, if I may, think of it this way: Look at the issues some of our fellow TC'ers (who already have the 650) are having right now. Issues we who ordered from VC do not have to experience.

    This is especially true if we make use of the work-arounds, fixes, and software compatibility lists that are continuously growing and being refined. There is some very good information as a result of those who've been there.

    Yes, we would've loved to have our 650's NOW but, in my group, we feel lucky. We decided to keep our 600's until we are feel that the 650's are ready to carry on. Our 600's work perfectly well and with what we are seeing, when we do get our 650's from VC, we can hit the ground running.

    The memory issue probably won't be solved by the time we get our 650's but we will have such a heads up that each of us should know what will work for our individual applications of the 650. In the meantime........Constructive Lurking/Learning?
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    I emailed Jeff/Viennachannels last week and on the 22nd he replied with:

    "I am very much hoping we will receive inventory in the next 7-10 days to fulfill your order."


    That would be Nov 29th - Dec 2nd or something. "Very much hoping", kinda vague,..... doesn't sound like he has much control over inventory.

    We'll just have to be patient.

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    just placed my order with viennachannels. i had originally intended on holding out until the 30th before making my decisions, but then i realized that even if i don't like the device once i do get it, i can easily recover the $350 and likely make an additional $300 if i sell it on ebay. this will be my firts smartphone and i'm hoping the experience will be a good one. will let you guys know if i hear anything other than what you've heard - though i will not be calling vienna channels for updates.
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