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    Anyone attempt to make the 650 Verizon friendly yet? I've read sporatic comments that this might be possible... any of you hacker types able to crack this nut??
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    I would say let them start to penetrate the market first - and then we'll see people start to try to hack it onto VZ. Technically, it should be possible - more a matter of getting your hands on one to try it with.
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    I wonder if the procedure found here would work:

    Maybe I need to get one and find out...
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    I ordered a Sprint 650 from the Roadshow in Boston. As soon as it comes in, I'm going to try to convert it to work on the VZW network. God i LOVE Verizons network!!! Too bad they can't cater to their customers on the newest hardware :-( Have you guys seen the petition floating around for VZW??

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    After reading the 7 something pages of posts it would seem you need a serial cable for the process to work. I can't find any serial cable offered for the T650. That right there might be the killer...

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