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    Got mine.
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    Still waiting here. Ordered on the 18th, got a "shipped" email on Sunday night, still no Treo, and no tracking information on the website. FedEx says they dont have anything in the system for me.

    "Next day air" my big fat ****.

    Any help in finding out where it is or how to get tracking info would be appreciated! I assume you all went through this a few days ahead of me.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Just got mine.. charging now
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    Just got mine too. Wife dropped it by my office, what a sweetheart (my wife that is). Its charging and I'm just going to look at it until tonight (honest). I've GOT to work!
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    Little did I know in time for my last post, but I got mine also. Neighbor just brought it over.
    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    Got mine, finally!
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    that sucks big time I ordered on the 8 and still get this bu###it allocted crap, called p1 and the misserable rep tells me oh I don't know how is it that pl who ordered 10 fricken days after you got theirs and you didn't, you should have it by friday or monday next week at the latest.
    p1 you suck!
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    lol @ silver surfer saying he ordered his first...and somebody elses.

    anyway...for those that got it. how do you like it? after you get over all the reset loops, funny 'down' dpad, and realize the memory isn't a serious problem...the 650 is still THAT phone. I love mine. I got around 70% of my programs up here working fine. hi res themes in zlauncher on the 650 is great.
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    just got a shipped status today never received an e mail saying it was shipped all day it was comming up backordered so maybe there is hope for tommorrow.

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    Goldfinger: you mentioned you were looking for a buyer. Check your PMs.

    *sorry for the useless bump guys
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    got mine, Fedex rocks.
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    palmOne order came today FedEx which was my second one. was gonna send it back to palmOne or put it on ebay but i sold it for $700 before i left the office.

    got my blue tooth today but all i gotta say is it sux a$$.
    might as well load an mp3 with static on it and listen to that.
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