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    I just got a PalmOne brochure in the mail yesterday and it said that any purchase over $299 gets a $50 coupon on a future PalmOne purchase. I had already put in my order for the Treo 650, but obviously haven't received yet (perhaps today, but I'm not holding my breath).

    Three questions:
    1. Did anyone else get this?
    2. Do you think this can be combined with the bluetooth headset offer?
    3. If yes to #2, do you think I can simply call up and have them apply that promo code to my order retroactively or would I have to cancel and re-purchase?
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    I ordered my 650 yesterday from palmone, but forgot about the coupon until I read this! I attempted to order again, but I didn't see a place to enter a promo code. I think it is EITHER the free headset OR $50 off.
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    It probably is either one or the other. If it is, it's certainly understandable. However if it's something that can be stacked I'd be all over that.

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