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    can you provide a purchase link
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    Here you go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomasanderson

    I got great help from their support staff today and already got it. Everyone should check it out!!
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    Can someone who has Kinoma 3 EX producer, tell us how the file sizes of produced videos compares with the old Kinoma 2 produced files. If the quality is that much better, is the size also something like doubled or trippled to get that quality, even with a new format (mpeg4)? Thanks. I use Kinoma 2 a lot for dance videos and practicing moves when I'm out on the floor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Actually MMPlayer isn't free. You can try it out and it will play the first 30 seconds or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I can't find a purchase link??
    Top of this thread – post # 3 or 4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ixtab1970
    Can the player play native files or do you have to use the producer to convert them to a kinoma format first?
    If your asking about the file formats that Kinoma can play I posted all that info up above like in post #1 or something. Just read the threa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mharpen
    I use Kinoma 2 a lot for dance videos and practicing moves when I'm out on the floor.
    Mind if I ask what kind of dance? Lindy Hop, Balboa or Collegiate Shag... ???
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    Mostly country 2-step, waltz, EC swing, WC swing, hustle and salsa. I do a little lindy now and then. I take you like to swing. Cool. Since we're on the Kinoma thread, one of the things I really like about Kinoma is it's ability to very easily backup a couple of seconds and replay. It's absolutely the perfect video player for recording dance moves and taking them with you to the dance floor. I'm amazed. I'd swear they made it for that. If it had the abilility to step through, that would be even better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by investwisely
    Can I use it to convert DVD to a format that Kinoma can use?
    Use Handbrake 0.6.2 for the Mac and set the bit rate under 240Kpbs at 240x180, or it will stutter. Unless you have a T5 or T3 which seem to be fast enough to handle the decode.
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    I watched a converted file from Kinoma Producer 3 on the pc since its a trial version. Itg crops and cuts out some of the video off. I wish there was a way to stop that.
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    When playing aac files with the screen shuts off, the song stutters, almost sounding like it pauses, unpauses, pauses, unpauses every few seconds.

    Anyone else seeing (err, hearing) this???

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    If you have a Treo 650 and QuickTime Pro, why do you need this? Since 3GP is the standard for Treo 650 you can make your own movies in QuickTime Pro. And my guess is that you can play it in the Treo 650's movie player.

    Video formats supported by palmOne Media application

    The palmOne™ Media application can convert the following file formats for use on your handheld:

    Treo 650 (GSM):
    .3G2 (3GPP)
    AMR audio

    Treo 650 (CDMA):
    .3G2 (3GPP2)
    QCELP audio

    Why Palm had to use different audio formats is beyond me. You can send a video from say, Cingular to Sprint, but the audio won't play???

    Anyway, I for one, am glad to see 3GP as a standard.
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    QT Pro can decode MPEG-4 but cannot actually encode MPEG-4 without help (one of the reasons I'm sure is because Apple makes alot of money off of its 5-8 different high-end video applications).

    I didn't know that the 2 phones had different audio codecs. That's worth a new thread.
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    Well, in my QuickTime Pro I can open a video, go to export, and select "Movie to 3G" and it makes a .3GP file. I can also make a .mp4 file.

    According to Palms site the phones do have different audio codecs:

    Solution ID: 31451

    Treo 650 Video Capture file format

    The Treo 650 camera captures video in the following formats: GSM CDMA Video H.263 MPEG-4 Format .3GP (3GPP) .3G2 (3GPP2) Audio AMR QCELP Resolution CIF [352x288] QCIF [176x144] QVGA [320x240] QCIF [176x144]

    Note that due to the differences between CDMA and GSM audio formats video's beamed between a GSM Treo 650 and a CDMA Treo 650 will play, but without audio.
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    Sorry if this is a silly question, but will Kinoma 3 Player (the free one) play MP3s? If so, is it an improvement over the Real Player?
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    I just downloaded the Kinoma Player 3 EX Demo and I have a few questions about functionality...

    1. Do you need to install the app on the SD Card? So far the only way I can find the music is by having both the app and media files in on the SD Card (or I suppose on the 650 would also work)...

    2. Do you need to have the music files in the Root Directory in able for the player to find them? So far, that's the only way I've been able to find them...

    3. Can you switch between applications while listening to music?

    Do these things clear up once it's purchased? ... or just limited functionality...
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    I downloaded the demo and can't get anything to play. I'm working on transfering files with a card reader instead of using Hotsync; I think Hotsync struggles with large files. Thoughts?
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    D'oh! I was very impressed with Kinoma Player EX, and quickly registered it and Kinoma Producer, and started playing MP3s and watching episodes of the Daily Show. I was even able to run Kinoma Player EX and the media from the SD card. My coworkers were suitably impressed.

    Today, though, the player stopped working for Videos. It would instantly hang, whether on my AVI-to-PDB conversions or even video from the internal camcorder, requiring a soft reset. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it, moved all my Apps to RAM and formatted the SD card before replacing the media... it's dead.

    I wonder if another app is conflicting with the video driver or something.
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    Run the program once and then try loading movies for it.
    Hotsync is much slower than straight card reader.
    Kinoma expects movies to be in their own folder so you might load a small one with hotsync and then place others in that same folder with card reader.
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