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    I am currently using the trial version of Agendus Professional (v9.0 with my T650). While it seems a great, comprehensive alternative to the built-in PIM apps from palm, it continues to crash my phone (when any alarms go off).

    Can anyone recommend any other PIM programs (either individual or comprehensive all-in-one) to Agendus?

    Email: (I've tried Versamail and Agendus -- any others?)
    Contacts? (Other than Agendus)
    Calendar (Other than Agendus and Datebk5)

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    I recently also tried Agendus v8.0, not 9.0, and found that while it is an improvement over the built-in PIM applications, it was still not flexible enough. I could not get the calendar views that I was used to on Outlook (PC) or Agenda Fusion (PocketPC).

    I am now using Datebk5 and find it to be more powerful and more customizable. I like it a lot so far. It has proven to be very stable and the author is very keen on fixing and updating the application.

    If you need more Outlook functionality try taking a look at Beyond Contacts or the other one (whose name slips my mind at the moment).

    As far as e-mail. I really like Snappermail. It does POP3 and IMAP (Corporate version). Seems stable and is very feature rich. I tried Versamail and did not like it as much as Snappermail. There are other e-mail packages like Chatter or more hefty solutions (server-based) like GoodLink, Visto, Mailwave.

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