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    Hello friends -

    Am switching from Verizon to Cingular, and got a Treo 270 to do the job. Have been enjoying it thus far, but am having some difficulties using the wireless modem feature.

    I had an old Kyocera 6035, and the wireless modem worked great. I have a cheapie dial-up service, and I use it to do basic web browsing and to look at email while I'm traveling.

    Here is what I have set in the 270:
    Prefs -> Connection -> Wireless Modem
    Connection method: Wireless modem to modem
    Dialing: Touch tone
    Volume: Off
    Wireless Modem -> Details
    Speed: 57,600 bps
    Location: United States
    Flow Control: Automatic
    Init String: AT+CBST=0,0,1;
    Prefs -> Network
    Service: ISP
    Connection: Wireless Modem
    Username: <username>
    Password: <password>
    Phone: <isp dial-up number>


    Eventually, I get this message: Error: Network busy, wrong dial-in number, or data service not enabled. (0x1102)

    or this one:

    Error: The network could not complete your call. Please try again later.

    The thing I've noticed is this: When I look at the little "tower" icon at the top of the screen, sometimes there's a little "notch" to the right of the icon that looks like a triangle on its side, and when that's there, I get error message #2. If it's not there, then I get error message #1. It is quite some time before either message will appear.

    Am I having problems because maybe the signal is too weak? Bad initialization string? Can I make data calls only when that little "notch" is there next to the tower icon? Is there something I have to enable in the 270 to make data calls?

    I would be grateful for any assistance anyone could provide. Thanks much, and take care.

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    I have T-Mo and they had the SIM card provide the data connection definitions on the SIM card. Doesn't Cingular has the same setup?
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    I dunno. I did a hard reset today, hoping that might do the trick. But the same thing ... it just keeps saying "connecting ..." and never does anything.

    Anyone else have ideas?


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