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    Im still waiting for the damn 650 from VC. Im thinking of buying a large SD card, no my question is... Is there speed difference betweeen a 256MB-512MB-1GB or even 2GB. Can you really tell the difference.
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    That's not a secure digital card.

    Type: Compact Flash
    Keep an eye on this for when it comes in stock...
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    That is a compact flash card - will not work in 650 even if it likes 2gb!
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    Sorry guys I got excited on the price and did a quick post. Again sorry for the mis-information.

    Can Someone still answer the speed question?
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    I think it was mentioned in other post that Sandisk Ultra II's speed advantage will actually help 650. As far as the size of SD cards are concerned, I haven't noticed any major difference.

    I got my order in at fot Ultra II 2mb, and patiently waiting for it to get filled.
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    i will buy at 130, even though a week later it will probably be at $100.

    then again, since i have to wait for the gsm 650, it might be $50 when i need it.
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