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    In Canada, one GSM carrier (Rogers) recently acquired another (Fido). They have decided to merge the two GSM networks, allowing users to roam between both networks.

    While this sounds great on paper, in practical terms it is not. At the moment, a GSM phone on either network will hop on to the other network if their existing network reception is poor. However, the network switch will result in a temporary disconnection as the phone hops from one network to the other. This will disconnect an existing voice call or data connection.

    Up until recently, this has been fine as I have had GPRS access on either network. However, beginning this morning access on the other network has been disabled. Others have reported similar observations.

    For me, the problem is that during the day my phone may latch on to the other network and remain stuck there, obviously without access to GPRS data. Furthermore, I cannot find an option to lock the Treo on to my home network. The only options I came across were to manually choose the GSM 1900/850 or 1800/900 bands.

    Is there a way to lock the Treo on a certain network?
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    Try to install the Treo 600 Updater because if you bought the device locked to Rogers network, then it would restore the original lock settings after the update. This would not normaly happen, but just try it since it is originally, offered to help your Treo 600 enhance its network preferences. I have the link below:
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    I am actually originally a Fido customer, roaming on Rogers. It is the GPRS service on Rogers that is not working for me at the moment.

    My Treo 600 was purchased from Cingular and is flashed with latest international non-branded ROM. It's strange that a phone would not have the ability to lock on to a preferred network.
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    Smartphones would always stick to the network but because of those mergers, mobile service providers would try to backup their network with the other and that would cause confusions with the phone system. So, if you have time, better contact Rogers and inform them if they can set your account to purely connect with their network.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. It appears as though GPRS roaming on Rogers is once again working for me.

    The phone will still break the connection when it hops networks. I wonder if it is possible to have seamless transfer between the networks.
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    I've had a simular problem.. If your Fido SIM'ed Treo flips over to Rogers roaming, and then you go out of service, (inside a building, out in the country, underground, etc) anyone who then dials you gets a "Cannot contact customer message" and NOT a voicemail prompt.

    This is one reason why I would like to lock it to Fido.
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    I couldn't find a way to "lock" the Treo to a particular network.

    On a positive note, word has it that the Fido-Rogers networks will be seamlessly integrated some time in the later half of 2005.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    Don't know if this will work for you or not. I have a treo 600 from Rogers, but I had mine unlocked.

    I can lock the network by bringing up the phone screen, then go into menu, options, Select Network. It takes a couple of minutes to find the available networks, then it shows me Search Bands and Available Networks. Here I can lock it to a band (900/1800 or 850/1900) and/or I can lock it to the Rogers or Microcell network. When I have the network locked to one of these, the screen will also add the option to set it to auto again.

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