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    I love my Treoís but omg they have crap production quality, our company purchased forty seven of them in April and I have just sent the fourteenth and fifteenth one back for warranty. Thatís over thirty percent failure, I would like to know if any other multi owners have having it as bad.

    The two main problems have been audio buzzing during calls and dead speakers, we are know starting to get a few dead pixels on the screens as well. It would be nice to think the 650 is being built somewhere else but I would say fat chance. As it is I was told by palmone Australia that the production quality on the 600 would be fixed when Palmone took over from Handspring eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr WRONG.

    Have a good day
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    The Buzzing sound, Screen discoloration, and Front Speaker malfunction is a very known issue of the Treo 600. I would advice you to contact palmOne Corporate since they are in the position to handle your case. And I believe they will give you a more favorable solution to the issue since you have lots of the device. You can find their contact number in palmOne website's support page.

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