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    I am using my new 650. Due to the memory limitations I am forced to put about 5 of my programs on the SD card.

    On my Treo600 when I viewed all my programs under the all tab the 6oo would include programs stored on the SD card.

    My 650 forces me to scroll through untill I get to the SD card menu before I can access any of the programs.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks as always.
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    My 600 never did that. And the 650 wont either, unless you install one of the Launcher programs, that is the main benifit of them.
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    Agreed. You should try out various memory managers that allow you to organize shortcuts to apps stored on the card. The memory managers automatically move the app and associated databases to the expansion card and also leave a 'shortcut' in the ram from which to launch them. You can categorize the shortcuts anyway you like. When you launch an app from the shortcut, the memory manager automatically moves the app to ram and then automatically moves it back to the card when you exit the app. There are several managers out there like PowerRun, TealAlias, etc. Zlauncher, Megalauncher, LauncherX are launcher replacements that also integrate memory management functionality. If you want something simple, checkout the formerly listed apps...
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