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    remember when jake ehrlich met one on one with jeff hawkins to talk about future treo designs?

    he presented his phantom device to jeff and talked about a rocker switch and button located on the side panel of the treo so you could navigate through applications using the rocker switch?

    well I was looking closely at the rocker switch on the treo 650 and correct me if im wrong but I believe it is very similar to the idea jake had originally presented to jeff! is this true?

    if so, it would go as a very flattering compliment to jake erhlich's design idea - palmone has possibly incorporated jake's idea into their latest treo model!!

    what does everyone think, did palmone listen to jake on this one and incorporate his idea into their new design?
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    Hi Treobk214!

    I noticed the new rocker switch and the button located on the side panel of the Treo 650 and thought the same thing!

    When I met with Jeff Hawkins I brought scale models with me of my Phantom V design reference. When I was leaving, Jeff asked if he could keep one. I of course said yes. In the months that followed I wondered if any of my ideas would rub off on him? I will probably never know because if they did like any of my ideas, they would probably never say so.

    One of the things that I was adamant about, and still am, is that I believe it is important to have another rocker like switch on the opposite side as well. There are so many things it could be used for. It could be used for dimming the backlighting while you are on the phone as well as a zillion custom features. It could also be used for turning the volume up and down on the phone. Plus if you are right handed, as most people are, your thumb naturally goes to the upper right hand corner.

    Think of one rocker switch as a left mouse button and the other as a context sensitive left mouse button.

    My right side rocker switch also is identical to the 5 way Treo button so it could be used for the same thing, which I believe would be more ergonomic. My logic with putting all the buttons on the sides of the Phantom V was that it allowed for a smaller form factor with a larger screen.

    I am excited about getting a Treo 650 and it looks great, but in my mind it is exactly what the Treo 600 should have been. I hope that with Palms greater resources that it won’t take another year for them to take the Treo to the next level. I am really fascinated to see the next generation of Treo after the 650.

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