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    My Treo shows that I'm on the Verizon Wireless Network and have three bars, but when I make a call, it dials, sometimes stays acitve for six seconds or so, but thensays "No service."

    I took it to a Verizon store, the technician their said call customer service. I called customer service, they said they couldn't do anything and I need to take it to the store.

    I've had my phone for several months; this problem started happening a few weeks ago. And, yes, I dial *228 regularly.

    Any ideas?
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    I'd ask to have them give you a replacement phone.
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    How old is it? If you've bought it within the last 30 days, the store must replace it for you. If its after 30 days, but within the first year (its gotta be since Verizon has only had it for a couple of months) Verizon's Wireless Data department must replace it for you (call customer service, and ask for the wireless data dept). After that, if you have the service plan, the insurance will replace it for you.

    I've been thru the exact situation you describe. After complaining to a Level 3 manager, the above chain of command was explained to me. I was told that if anyone tells me different, to have that representative contact corporate to be straightened out (while you wait).

    Good luck! Once I understood the above, I've had 2 replacements handled perfectly (the first by the store, the second by wireless data).
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    I had a similar problem. I think the radio chip failed or something of that nature. I called customer service through the data department and they sent me a new unit overnight.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I've had my Treo for over 30 days, but, yes, obviously less than a year. I'm calling the data department now. Thanks again!
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    Rep had me dial *22899 - seemed to work, as the next call I made went through. If I get the problem again, however, it's a new phone.
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    The below issues have been identified as possibly problems to some phone functionality. These issues are identified and resolutions are given or currently being sought. Documentation will be updated when issues are resolved.

    3. Network Search. Due to a hardware failure of the battery connector, a small number of units will encounter a "Network Search" mode when the user is either attempting to make an outgoing call or when the user is on a call and the call drops. This experience is coupled with a low battery condition and/or low service coverage. A fix has been rolled into both new production and the repair and reconditioning process to address this battery connector failure. All ESNs between 09600716001 - 09600864216 that experience this issue will be covered under the standard warranty.

    (Press ##786 to find out your Serial #) I took mine back last week. Replaced. No questions asked.
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    Marker23, would you post a link to the support page you quoted? It would be nice to bookmark this... it might save some time on hold with tech support someday...
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    Sorry. I do not have that link. I found it on another posting
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    Re: Network Search (above)

    Had that exact same problem on Sprint. Received replacement by Sprint with return kit to send the blasted old one back. No probs so far.

    Makes sense it is a hardware problem, because sometimes I'd whack the thing and it would stop doing it. I didn't tell THAT to support!
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    Had a similar problem... a few weeks ago I noticed my T600 which had been working fine started to drop calls for no reason. I work from home alot, and make long calls from my office upstairs. I allways use the speakerphone, so I just leave the phone on my desk where it shows 3 bars of service. My phone would randomly drop these calls, still showed three bars, without me even touching the Treo.

    Verizon sent me a new one overnight. The replacement for some reason kept showing me roaming at random times, despite all attempts by Verizon to fix the problem. I also noticed the screen was slightly yellow in comparison to my 1st Treo. To top it off, the replacement also dropped calls in the same manor. I just got my 2nd replacement which seems better, but I'm half expecting to have the dropped call problem with this one as well.
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