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    After shelling out over $120 for a custom case and having to wait over a month for them to make it I find out it will not sync with the cradle only a travle cord! Now who would use a travle cord if you have a cradle at your desk?

    Also if the phone needs to reset which all Treos need from time to time you have to pop it out of the case then put it back.

    If this is not enough the charger cord will not "snap" in and many times I will leave in the morning only to discover the phone has not charged from the night before.

    Also Nora from the customer serivce dept is rude and I am sure from her emails has never used a treo.

    The bottom line when you buy highend items you should get a GREAT product!

    Keep your money its a pretty case but not very practical!
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    Sounds like you didn't do your homework before you bought the case!

    I have a Vaja case and I love it. It's a great case, it looks sharp and it protects my treo quite nicely.

    I've never had a problem with the charger cord popping out. Maybe your charger cord is loose.

    If you took the time (at least 5 seconds) to look at the pictures of the case before you bought it, you would have realized that the cradle won't work with it. Intuitively, if you want a case that is substantial enough to protect your treo, then it will be too bulky to sit in the cradle with case on.

    Lastly, when I emailed Nora with a problem regarding my wife's flip case I got a very timely and courteous reply with an RMA number and instructions for getting a free replacement.

    The bottom line when you buy any product (high or low end) is that you need to research it enough to meet your needs.

    What's best for me may not be for you and vice-versa.

    Lastly, I did get a great product! You clearly didn't know what you wanted, nor what you were getting! It's no wonder you were disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weridehonda
    Keep your money its a pretty case but not very practical!

    I'm very satisfied with my VAJA case. So far, it doesnt give me any inconvenience. I think you just miss something. So the next time you buy somthing, its better to ask first.
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    I have a Vaja i-Volution case as well..and well i love it!

    the first one i bought was for my T616 (SE) and well...i only get iVolution cases from Vaja or nothing at all...they are so pro
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    I'm not aware of any case that allows for the Treo to sit in a cradle.
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!
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    I believe SenaCases has one that is compatable with the cradle. Never owned one though.
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    I have a Vaja and a sena - returned the sena as I thought that it was flimsy and inferior. The Vaja is superior - both from a safety and aesthetic point of view.
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    What did we do before we had forums like this. I feel like I am testing everything available, without leaving my living room. Thank you everyone!
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    It helps when people read before ordering says 'syncs with cable' doesn't mention anything about a cradle. Don't assume...

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