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    No, I don’t think so! ..... But pretty sweet deal nonetheless……

    1. Go here
    2. Put in your zip code and press “No, I want to keep my existing mobile phone plan”
    3. Click “submit”
    4. Click “buy it here”
    5. Click “continue”
    6. Click ‘Remove Item” next to where it says “Treo 650 with USB cable – Sprint”

    Then all you have left is Handmark Express Weather for $0.00 with free ground shipping.

    Note: you can change the quantity, but I’d imagine they’d get a little suspicious.
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    Says you must order the 650 after Nov. 22. I have a feeling it won't ship once they realize that there is no 650 order. We'll see.
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    Did u get the SW shipped?
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    Its coming up as $19.99 so I think they caught on already.
    Doug Kaplan
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    yup they fixed it!
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    They cancelled my order.

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