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    My P1 Treo has been shipped, but of course I also ordered one from VC so i figure I would try out the P1 one, until VC ships theres. My only question is how long can i hold onto the P1 version? 14 or 30 days?
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    30 days.

    From the palm website:

    Sprint's policy is 14 days for cancelling a contract.

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    This is one benefit from buying from P1 rather than Sprint. Sprint's return policy for the phone itself is also 14 days. P1 give you another 2 weeks to evaluate the unit. That's why I'm not cancelling my order, even though I probably could get it faster from Sprint.
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    heres an interesting one. ordered a phone with free headset from palmOne and but bailed out so i could have it 4 days earlier for $50 extra.
    i called up palmOne asked the guy if i get my treo and i dont like it, what happens to the bluetooth headset.

    "sir, thats your gift. you have to keep it even if you return the palmOne."

    well to that i say i dont HAVE to do anything. im sending that freebie back dammit!

    So now either i can return the one i have to sprint to recoup the $54 extra it cost me and keep the P1 (which probably kills a kitten somewhere true) or return the other to p1 or a lonely technophile that needs it now on ebay.

    seriously though.. cool huh?
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    That's pretty greedy to order from both companies when you only want one. The company who you return it to will suffer a non-trivial loss for a number of reasons. The aren't a library for chrissakes. Not only do you waste their time and money processing yoru order and return, but they also suffer an opportunity cost, lost cashflow, and they end up with a diminished value Treo they can now only sell or use as a refurb unit.

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