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    I will be buying a 650 soon. I currently use a m515 with my wife also having the same. We both sync calendars with each other using DualDate. Does anyone know if there is a version for the 650?
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    I had been using it on my Treo 300. However, I was not successful in getting it to work on my new 650. I would be interested in an updated version as well. My wife isn't going to be happy when she finds out.
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    I have it on my 600, and was going to try it on the 650, but it sounds like its a no go.........lame, thats a great program for staying connected with my wife......any other options that will show 2 different calendars?

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    Is there a way to add event to other persons calendar via sms or email? or similar other than syncing? Do calendars show separately or merged. Color differences for identification or anything like that. I really need something like this.
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    DualDate is the little brother to Wesync. Palm bought Wesync and did nothing with it. So it was never updated to use the new OS. Palm sold Wesync a few months ago to Tanner. If you go to you will find information on it. I read on a post here at TC that the Beta version of the new Wesync is being tested. Wesync is great. You sync over the web, so people in different places can stay insync with each other. You can have two calandars, side by side so you can compair them.

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    Yes, WeSync was very cool. I'm anxiously awaiting the update. I'll see if I can dig up some info on the status of it.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I e-mailed them and they sent me the Beta!!!!!

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