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    This is weird, need help. I'm using Treo 600 GSM, with its free mail app (Mail v1.02a). Lately, when i delete a message, the handheld crashes (like a soft reset, goes through the PALM screen and restarts.) I emptied the "deleted messages" folder, and it still happens. After emptying that folder, there remains one message in it, "No to," which I suspect might be corrupt and the problem. Problem is, I still can't delete it.
    Is there a way to edit the messages data on the desktop, so I could clear this out? Or does anyone have another solution?
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    I solved this problem now -- after saving a bak version of a freshly synced handspring folder, I did a hard reset. From the working handspring folder, I deleted each of the "email_____" databases. They can be found in the "backup" folder in your user account.
    Now when I re-synced to restore, my mail settings and messages were all gone, so I had to start over setting up my pop accounts etc, but at least I seem to have gotten rid of the corrupt files that were causing my crash.

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