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    I have read mixed threads. Can you run applications from the card *without* any addon on software on the 650? I want to move all my documents to go PRC's on there. They are just HUGE!
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    For docs to go, you should download the dataviz program that will transfer docs to go to the card and all ur stored documents. They will still sync with ur pc after too.
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    Refer to the DataViz KnowledgeBase Article referenced below.

    How do I install the Documents To Go 7.0 handheld applications to my expansion card?
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    Can I just copy other applications to the card or it needs a special add-on app?
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    You can install or copy most apps to the card without an addon app. The launcher program you have read about allow you to just ckick on a shortcut as opposed to going to the card directory to launch your app. Also some launcher apps will allow a conduit hotsync if your programs have data that syncs with a pc program.

    You don't need the 3rd party launcher apps but they are quite handy.
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    One important thing to remember though, if the program is to run automagically, it must be in main memory. Ben
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    Most apps can be loaded to a card by using the built in Move/Copy menu option (under delete, info, etc) You can also change the destination in the hot sync app so they go to the card.
    Note that anything that needs to sync will need to be in memory or use additional software. Anything that link o other apps or hat patches functions will need to be in memory.
    (SplashPhoto, Snapper, Butler, etc) need to be in main memory.)
    The other unfortuante thing is anything on the card is 2nd class citizen. You can create categories for apps in memory but the card just shows up as one big category. Games, busniess apps, etc all bunched together. Taht's one of the reason for the Launchers to do away with the Palm OS limits and make it appear almost normal.

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