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    Is there a way to charge a spare battery without buying a cradle?
    Let me explain:

    I'm planning on ordering the replaceable battery, and so far, the only way to charge a spare battery appears to be by placing it in the USB cradle. However, the I see some people mention using spare batteries, even though the cradle is not available. So, am I missing something?
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    I'm in the same boat as you....

    My best guess would be that we should install it the phone whenever we do not need it (e.g. when sleeping) and let it charge there. When its done, put your original battery back in and let it get topped-off or whatever....

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    Yeah, it seems a cradle may be the only option. Recall, the only way to charge the extenal battey on the Treo 600 was to plug it on the Treo and charge as well...
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    You could always buy a second 650 and use it as a spare battery charger.


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