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    Has anyone been able to move the ones from the Treo600 over? If not, is there any one looking into this?
    I assume since the 600 was lo-res, that even if the Treo600 carrier logo hack did work, it would look horrid.

    The whole hack would change the carrier logo, change the voice mail icon back to a reel and give the call timer back too.
    TIA, Matt
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    Well, when the GSM T650s are available, I plan on getting one, so there will no doubt be a full release of the AQUA series setup to work with the 650. But most likely not until I get a GSM T650

    I see from reading here that the Sprint T650 users need a new overlay to enable call time in the list (the one bit patch I made in the T600 Sprint AQUA overlays), as apparently the old Phone_Logo doesn't work for them. I haven't seen a note from anyone that mentions trying the AQUA series on a T650, so I don't know if that works or not.

    Bill S
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    looks like somone else started a thread after this one, let me know if you need help. We have worked together before. I would like the OE (original Treo650 radio on/off splash) splash sceen, as well as the call timer access put back and the tape reel icon too (if it's even there?). you can get me at if you need help. I think your still on my 'contact' list too.
    Thanks TV Billy!

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