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    im sick of dealing with IE problems...spyware etc. installed firefox but can't get it to connect with pdanet forT600... Need help please!! works w/IE...but I hate IE..want to delete IE... is that possible?
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    First, go to, see if their troubleshooting page has answers for j00.

    Next, if no luck, calmly and precisely describe here what is the exact problem you're having. From what I know, there should beno reason why Firefox does not work with pdaNet.
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    with pdanet "online" I open firefox & firefox says that it was unable to open page because of no connection.....but able to then get connection with IE. I wonder if I need to reinstall pdanet now with firefox installed... seems to have lesss setup options than IE that may not let it work w/virtual modem like pdanet.. Anyone get this to work?
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    Been using PDANet and Firefox(Firebird/Phoenix) for along time with no problems. Don't see why PDANet would affect Firefox. Does Firefox work with a regular internet connection?

    Make sure you don't have a proxy server configured -- Tools->Options->General->Connection Settings (select "Direct Connection to Internet").

    Do you have a firewall installed that is perhaps blocking internet access to FireFox but not IE?
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    pdanet is only web access we have. yes, direct connect chosen. no firewall running. does it matter that I installed firefox after pdanet? firefox does not appear to see pdanets connection, but IE does. btw spyware has my IE so screwed up I times and unable to completely remove it w/my 3 emoval programs... is it possible to delete IE & do clean install? im afraid to install xp SP2 since I already have spyware active and unable to completely remove it.
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    First open IE go to security and set the level to high, then never use IE again and unless it is absolutely necessary (site doesn't work in FF). If you do need IE, go directly to the site you wish to visit. If the site doesn't work you may need to slide you security level down a bit. I personally just don't use IE unless I have to and only on more trusted sites.

    There is no way to delete IE AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $You$ $might$ $be$ $better$ $off$ $with$ $a$ $complete$ $Windows$ $XP$ $reinstall$ $but$ $if$ $you$ $don$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $do$ $that$ $I$ $would$ $suggest$ $the$ $following$.

    Download the free version of ZoneAlarm and install it. You will have to give explicit permission to programs requiring internet access. ZA will prompt you when a new program tries to access the internet, you then say yes or no if you want the program to have access. This is also helpful in seeing if any spyware is trying to access the internet.

    Download and install avast antivirus. It is free and self updating works great.

    Also check your running processes (Ctrl-Alt-Del then Task Manager then Processes) with the following list under security risk:

    if you see a running process that matches the security risk list right click on the process and select "End Process" and then find the file with same name and delete or rename it. You may need to boot to safemode to do this.

    What spyware removal tools are you using?

    These three were rated the best spyware tools in recent tests:

    Giant Anti-Spyware
    Spy Sweeper

    This one is good also

    Install SP2

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