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    from the backup directory?

    OK, I feel pretty dumb, as I know I've done this before.

    My T600 got real flakey. Most of the time the phone would lock up when I tried to answer a call. I tried soft resets (which would only help occasionally), warm resets, removing some utilities, and more. But the problem persisted. So I did a hotsync, followed by a hard reset.

    (I should be clear that I did NOT use any backup software, although I have critical files backed up to an SD card. I just updated to a new PC a few weeks ago, and apparently I completely forgot to install Backup Buddy. Oh, Sh**!)

    Anyway, I wanted to to start as cleanly as possible, so I renamed my backup directory to oldbackup and then re-synced to get back my contacts, appts, etc. The phone seems to be working better for the moment, but still a bit flakey. Time to call Lockline, I think.

    But in the meantime, I want to get back as much of what I had installed before without re-installing everything. I renamed the backup directory back to "backup," and sync'd again, but no joy. I did another hard reset, and tried syncing again, but it still only restored my basic PIM data.

    What am I missing?

    Bob Meyer
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    I'm having trouble following... how many backup folders do you have now? Does oldbackup still exist?
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    I renamed it back to "backup," which is what it was called originally. So everthing is still there. I DO actually have a second copy of it under a different name, though.

    But the real question is: After a hard reset, how do I restore everything that's in the backup directory?

    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Before your first hotsync after hard reset: right click hotsync manager > custom > change 'system' setting to 'desktop overwrites handheld.' Hope this helps.
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    Well, I'll use the fact that it was kinda late, and I was more than kinda tired, as an excuse.

    Thank you,
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.

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