A few months ago I posted a question about my Treo 600 making data calls without my knowledge or authorization. Each call was lasting 90 minutes, stopped for one minute, and repeated the cycle in irregular sets. I discovered that I could uncheck the “Connect to the data network whenever wireless mode is powered on” option in Preferences>Network>Options and I thought that this took care of the problem. However, I now see that this was not the case for very long. I just found that my phone transferred 30000 k of data just last month (using the Call Totals feature of Smart Phone Tools Pro). WTF?! I have done all the basic troubleshooting for this problem (assured KeyGuard was enabled, reinstalled Preferences, etc), as well as completely reformatted the phone and rebuilt the data from scratch with no change.

I have called Sprint and made a report about this issue twice, but they are not concerned. However, a local Sprint representative strongly suggested that I make sure that the issue was documented in my file, because it may be perceived that I have been using my phone as a modem for my Laptop and my service could be suspended. Hey, that is the reason that I am paying $80 a month for a separate data connectivity card!

As I have the unlimited data package on this phone, there is no extra charge to me. However, my battery power gets eaten up pretty fast and I am just uneasy with the thought of such unauthorized calls and/or data transfer (no I don’t think that it is a Government plot or that my personal information is being stolen). Is anyone else having such a problem or any thoughts as to what is happening here? Is there a way to find out where all this extra data is going to, what is is, etc?

“Technological change is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” (Albert Einstein, 1941),
Dr. Z.