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    Just wanted to let you know that my P1 650 Order (w/ free bluetooth headset), that I placed on 11-12, has shipped and the Fed Ex Tracking Number/Website shows that my order shipped today with an ETA for 3:00 pm tomorrow.

    Check your Fed Ex Tracking numbers and hopefully your news will be good as mine
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    Mine says shipped, but no tracking info. My credit card has been billed. I have already received the BT.
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    If you just check P1's order status page, you won't see a tracking number. I would call P1 customer service and get your Fed Ex tracking number to see if you're in the system and if there's an ETA yet.
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    Ordered 11/9 (right after midnight on 11/8) and now it just went into "allocated" status, and will ship tomorrow or the next day. What BS! So much for ordering early.
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    Mine shipped today and fedex got the information at about 7pm CST. Very nice.
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    who is this highroller??? come to rescue us from our delerium... or perhaps feed it...
    seriously... honestly, it makes a lot of sense... proactive customer service. I haven't called p1 once today. Just been watching this board. Though I am sure Highroller is working his arse off to get us this info... I imagine he is serving far more than if he were *just* answering phone calls one at a time... man the internets are cool ;o)

    we should start a paypal donation to buy him some chocalates or something...

    also I have seen mention of calling his *superiors* to give kudos... please wait until he gives the OK... even though it makes perfect sense we are talking about management... they may misinterpret his efforts and give him grief for being tooo loose lipped...


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