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    I just got the Treo 650, my first Palm. I am using VersaMail and have Documents to Go Premium Edition and Adobe Reader 3.05 installed. I was hoping that when someone sent me an email with a PDF attachment I'd be able to view the attachement. When I try by tapping the attachment the following happens:

    Do you want to receive into Adobe? Yes
    Failed to receive beamed document. Ok
    Error: Database: corrupt database (0x0209) Ok
    Adobe Reader opens without the document.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Is there a better way to view PDF files sent as attachments. I need to keep using VersaMail because I'm using an Exchange account with Activesync.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    its because pdf files need to be converted by the adobe palm utility before it can be read on your treo... sorry. you will have to convert and pdf files on the pc first.
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    You can use Adobe's PDF2HTML or PDF2TXT. They are a web site and e-mail address respectively, one you go to a web form and enter a URL for the PDF file, it will return the HTML contents, sort of how Google does it. The second is an e-mail address where you can forward PDF attachment e-mails and it will reply with the text contents of the PDF. It won't get you a perfect view with all the graphics and formatting, but at least you can get to the content of the PDF.

    Just bookmark this web site in Blazer.
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    When I transfer PDF image files (subway maps) to my Treo 650 using Adobe Reader, the images are way too small to read. I am using "Full Screen" in Preferences. Adobe Reader only lets me zoom in once.
    Is this a software limitation? Should I use a third party software?
    Any ideas?

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