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    I would like to hear from people that have a T650 in their hands, after having the T650 is it worth upgrading? I would like to hear from people that have a T600 and upgraded. I have heard so much negative feedback, it makes it hard to make an informed decision.
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    Thanksfor the imput.
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    I got it - its worth it
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    The 650 is still a very nice phone. It has no more problems than the 600. Each have their own problems.

    I like my 650, period. DVD's, movie file, pictures, internet, speaker phone, bluetooth, camera with zoom, hi-res screen.............
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    Even with problems, the 650 is worth it, an update will be released to solve the problems.
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    I'm still undecided. having never owned a smartphone before, i'm somewhat in the dark as to what to expect. primary issue for me is the quality of the phone portion of this device. i'm not a heavy cell phone user at all (primarily emergencies and a way for people to contact me), but i do want to know that when i get on the phone people can hear me and it plain works. the pda is second on my list and perhaps with an integrated device will see more action from this relatively light pda user. the issue of sound quality far outweigh the memory problems for me. while palmone's response to the memory problem gives me some comfort on that issue - i've got a few more days to go to read about experiences with the phone itself before placing my order through vienna channels.
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    I received mine earlier this week. I had 9MB free, with my saved e-mail messages, on my 600 and eliminating unused programs and others programs that are no longer needed, I now have 8.9MB free, with few saved e-mail messages. I do not have any large databases other than my baseball scorekeeping program for high school baseball.

    The 650 has numerous software usability upgrades and the screen is fantastic. I feel the pain for those with large databases and subsequent memory issues. For me it has been worth it, although I would appreciate a fix that gives me as much effective memory as my 600 (that my wife now uses).

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